Finding the Best Fridge Freezer Reviews for your kitchen in 2016 – UK Complete Guide

Fridge is one of the most important appliances in any household’s kitchen. This modern innovation,Best Fridge Freezer 2016 which is also called ‘ice box’, does almost everything. It ensures to keep your favorite soda, juice or wine cold and it keeps all your food chilled and fresh all the time. Identifying which best fridge freezer brand and type to choose can be challenging as more and more new brands and styles come out every now and then. Here are some fridge freezer reviews to consider when you are deciding to purchase a new fridge and replace the old one with the new one.

What type of the best fridge freezer to choose?

If you already have a small fridge freezer or just a freezer, it is better to consider a larger fridge because you will be able to get extra space for storage that is most commonly taken up by the freezer compartment. The good thing about a larder is that it defrosts automatically. A fridge normally has a integrated fridge freezer compartment that is already installed in and lets you store frozen food for a limited time.

416q7lkwxnl-_sl1000_Russell Hobbs Freestanding 144cm Tall Fridge Freezer, A+ Rating, 156 Litre Net Capacity, Black, Reversible Doors, RH50FF144B144cm Tall Fridge Freezer, Energy Rating A+, 3 Fixed door Racks, 3 Glass Shelves of which 2 are Adjustable, 3 freezer Drawers£££5.0
51doqcmbqol-_sl1000_Russell Hobbs Stainless Steel High Freestanding Fridge Freezer, Water Dispenser- RH55FFWD180SS [Energy Class A+]Energy Efficiency performance rating: A+, 3 Adjustable glass shelves, Reversible Door£££4.8
71nfcbxabl-_sl1500_Swan Products Retro Top Mounted Fridge Freezer, Cream [Energy Class A+]Enjoy retro style in your kitchen with this top mounted fridge freezer, This fridge freezer is available in a range of colours!££££5.0
11ai3AgmC7LHotpoint RFAA52K Fridge Freezer [Energy Class A+]A+ Energy Rating, Hygiene Protection, Super Freeze£££4.6
51mzofwskml-_sl1000_Russell Hobbs American Style Fridge freezer, 90cm wide, Side by Side, A+ efficiency, RH90FF176SS- 2 Year Warranty** (stainless steel)Stylish American Style, Large net fridge capacity 345 Litres, Large 192L freezer capacity, Product dimensions (CMs): (H)176 x (W)90.2 x (D)75££££££5.0
51nhlvk4jl-_sl1333_Fridgemaster MC55244D Freestanding Fridge Freezer With Water Dispenser - Silver3 Compartments (Freezer), Reversible Door, 43 dB Noise Level, 39.37 pounds Annual Energy Cost Based On 15.44p/Unit£££4.7
51gvpvzrhl-_sl1000_Russell Hobbs Freestanding 144cm Tall Fridge Freezer, A+ Rating, 156 Litre Net Capacity, Red, Reversible Doors, RH50FF144R100 Litre Net Fridge Capacity, 56 Litre Net Freezer Capacity, Energy Rating A+, Noise Level 40dB, 3 Fixed door Racks, 1 Egg Tray£££4.7
51ci5emysdl-_sl1200_Haier HRF-628DN6 570L Frost Free American Fridge Freezer BlackEnergy rating: A+ Super cooling Super freeze No frost Multi Flow, 190L Net Capacity, 2 x freezer drawers£££££4.9
51qddsu8hjl-_sl1000_Russell Hobbs RHUCFF50W 50cm Wide White Under Counter Fridge Freezer - Free 2 Year Warranty*65 Litre Fridge and 25 Litre Freezer capacity, Energy rating A+, Product Dimesions (H x W x D) cm: 84.5 x 49.5 x 52££4.9
31damw8bwzlRussell Hobbs Freestanding 144cm Tall Fridge Freezer, A+ Rating, 156 Litre Net Capacity, White, Reversible Doors, RH50FF14450cm Wide, 144cm Tall Fridge Freezer with 100 Litre Net Fridge Capacity and 56 Litre Net Freezer Capacity, Energy Rating A+££4.8

The length of the food preservation depends on the fridge’s star rating so better check the label for safety. A fridge with a four star rating means that the partition reaches a maximum temperature that is below -18 degree Celsius which allows for the small amount of fresh food to freeze. Moreover, an integrated fridge has a panel in front that matches the other kitchen units, therefore when the door is closed, the fridge can be completely hidden.Fridge Freezer Reviews in the UK in 2016

The Size

A standard fridge size is between (H85cm) which is useful if there is not much space or if the fridge needs to be fitted under a counter top.  On the other hand, a tall fridge size is (over H130cm) can offer a maximum storage.

There are also compact fridges in which the size ranges up to (H60cm) which is useful for those who needs extra space storage for drinks.  In addition, there are wine cabinets that will allow the user to keep wine at the most favourable conditions that is perfect for the serious wine drinker. Whatever size you choose, make sure that it will fit into the place or space intended for the fridge before purchasing.


Fridges come with many features intended to make life easier.  Some of the features are:

  • Antibacterial Coating

Some of the fridge have an antibacterial coating wall and door which aid in the improvement of hygiene in the fridge.  This antibacterial coating helps also in the prevention of bacterial growth.

  • Fixtures and Shelves

Wire grids or glass shelves appears in most models of the best fridge freezer.  The fridge with glass shelves normally is more expensive however; it is a protection from danger of contamination as the food drips caused by the food stored on the higher shelve can be mixed with the food stored american fridge freezer In addition, it is indeed easy to clean because it only requires an instant wipe with a damp cloth.

Some fridges are more advance that it contains wine rack for bottle holder and usually most fridge comes with egg rack and partition for cheese, butter and the like.  Narrow shelving in the fridge makes way for a storage intended for jars and bottles.

  • Temperature

Fridge’s inside temperature varies depending on its type. Some larder fridge has active cooling system wherein a built in fan helps in circulating cold air when the temperature is at 5 degree Celsius.

This makes sure that there is less variation in the temperature inside the fridge, which is useful when you need to leave the fridge door open to unload shopping bags and arrange and pack the groceries in the fridge; the fan helps in speeding up the return of the temperature to its normal operation.

  • The Environment and Energy Efficiency

Energy and electricity bill will definitely be any mom’s consideration.  This is the reason in most cases this aspect becomes the number one concern when deciding which brand to purchase.  Looking at fridge freezer energy usage When the energy labeling was introduced and implemented, all fridges received a grading for the energy efficiency that ranges from A – G.  However, because all manufacturers have strived so hard to make their product real energy efficient you would normally see only a grade of A to A++.

Nevertheless, the more expensive the appliance, the better energy saving feature it gives such as the automatic door closing or opening with audible alerts and a thick insulator.

However, household energy consumption may vary depending on the many factors like how well ventilated the location of the fridge is, the number of times the user opens and closes the fridge’s door and the functionality of the fridge itself.  It is best to ensure that the door seals are clean to make sure that the door is airtight avoiding the coldness from getting out of the fridge and maintain ideal energy consumption.

Analyzing different features of a Freezer

Freezer is also the major concern of any household in purchasing a fridge.  The combination of the freezer and the fridge is the best solution for a household that is challenged with floor space but has the height to spare.american fridge freezer reviews

Fridge freezers that are large American style have a dynamic styling and big capacity.  It is normally tall and is arranged side by side with a two-door opening. The freezer normally has an ice and water dispenser that needs to be refilled to function well.

As a reminder, make sure to place the fridge in a place where the operating temperature will not go down beyond the boundaries that is stated by the manufacturer as this may lead to the fridge compressor’s temporary or permanent failure.

Delivery, disposal, recycling and installation are some of the features that also need to be considered but is already dependent on the distributor and manufacturer.

According to the fridge freezer reviews, here are some of the best buy.

Beko fridge-freezer Freestanding that is clad in stainless steel.  In addition, it is designed to have deep, transparent freezer drawers that enable the user to look inside without literally opening the door hence; saving more energy and electricity.  In addition, it comes with a pizza box useful for pizza lovers.

Samsung fridge freezer eco friendly standard fridge freezer with 20 times more insulation.  It has an auto warning system, which alarms when the system detects that the best fridge freezer has risen above the food storage safe level.

Top Quality Fridge Freezer Reviews Exposed

Beko CS5342APW Freestanding Best Fridge Freezer

Beko company has one of the best fridge freezer reviews and is the first choice of almost 440 million people all over the world. Today, Beko is not only famous for their quality appliances in UK, but it has also established its name worldwide. Its success internationally together with its state of the art technology in all their appliances, are some reasons why more consumers are switching to Beco. Beco’s bestselling products are tumble dryers, dishwashers, cooking appliances, washing machines and of course, their number one product line, which is refrigerators. fridge freezer reviewsBeko appliances are always featured in the “Which? Best Buy” awards and it is identified as a partner of the Energy Star New Zealand, which was known to have an excellent quality and very efficient product line.

Now Beco introduces their very own Beko CS5342APW Freestanding Best Fridge Freezer. The CS5342APW has an excellent support to any large and small household for the storage of food requirements.

So why is this the best buy for you? The Beko CS5342APW Freestanding Freezer Fridge has an A+ rating for energy efficiency and it only consumes 212 kWh of energy per year. The unit has a H134, W54.5 and D60.0 that can simply fit in any kitchen type you have. This unit was already tested for noise level and it has a result of 38 dB noise level.

The total fridge capacity has 146 liters and the interior has two shelves and drawers for salads. The door also has its two layers of shelves great for storing light items.

The freezer has a total capacity of 64 liter and has three layers of drawers for frozen food. The CS5342APW has a special feature of automatic defrost, which can prevent the unit in accumulating too much frost or ice inside the freezer.

According to recent Beco fridge freezer reviews this is the best time for you to purchase this Beco CS5342APW so you can start storing fresh and frozen food anytime, which will keep it safe and fresh all the time.

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Hotpoint RFAA52P Fridge Freezer Reviews

The Hotpoint RFAA52P Best Fridge Freezer has a unique and glossy style with a white-colored body that fits any sizes and styles of any kitchen. It has a very huge 260-liter capacity, which is ideal for a large family. Though it has huge capacity, it has maintained its 545 mm size so that it can fit into almost any kitchen. Hotpoint best fridge freezer availableThe interior of the fridge has three glass shelves meant to store and organize all kinds of fresh foods.

The RFAA52P has anti-bacterial liners meant to maintain the cleanliness of its interior. It was proven hygienic and has a fresh smelling interior because of its airflow-cooling feature that helps the cool air circulate evenly around the whole interior to provide freshness and longevity of the foods inside.

This 4-star freezer has a built in 4 levels of compartments meant for sorting frozen items with comfort. Its clear drawer in front lets you find what you are looking for in just a simple glance.

The Hotpoint RFAA52P Fridge Freezer Reviews claim that it is proven an energy efficient A+ appliance, which helps you save money and electricity.

This Hotpoint RFAA52P best fridge freezer was not meant for outdoor buildings for it will not be safe for your food and the unit itself. It can be greatly damaged if placed outside. It is not applicable to use in any heated areas. In addition, this unit also has two-sided door fridge freezer brand Its special feature such as the reversible hinge must be consulted first to their installation professionals such as the know-how team to help you install the hinges.

The company has an option for delivery such as the next-day delivery if you place your order before 8pm in selected areas.

Best part of transacting with them is that they do trading, wherein they will ask for your old unit in lieu of the new refrigerator. They will recycle the parts of your old refrigerator, which is an excellent way to save money and save Mother Earth too.

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